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Dry June is over and I survived it


Well that’s 30 days of not drinking, stepping and climbing flights of stairs done and dusted. 30 days and not one drop of alcohol! Some felt that might have been rather hard for me but I smashed it!! I did over 331,500 steps and walked up over 704 flights of Stairs so I’m just under a 1/3 of the way up Mt Kilimanjaro!

The one causality of the month, my Fitbit Charge HR started crashing in the last week of the month which meant that I missed recording some of my steps. The online chat help from Fitbit was great and they shipped me out a brand new replacement!!

Looking at the Numbers, my biggest day on step count Tuesday the 14th of June and was just over 25,000 steps, I found the best days were the days when we were dog sitting for Mr Campbell and I was walking Harvey AKA Jab, this combined with a date night walking date we knocked over 25k.

The biggest day Wednesday the 8th of June on the stairs was 44 flights and it was early on in the process, I think I did a couple of trips up the stairs at work and then who knows what else. On the drinking front Trudy deployed a great test for me and we went to a Woodinville winery for about 6 hours on a Sunday to have lunch with some new friends. The other big test was Brain’s 50th birthday party with all you can drink cocktails and oysters. Good oysters! in this situation I was a great sober driver for Trudy kinda like she was for me when she was pregnant (yes yes one month of sober driving is nothing like 9 months of pregnancy).

The money, so I’ve only officially raised about $200 but I’ve had some verbals from folks suggesting they will donate which is great. Thanks for all the support and notable thank you to James Porretta for the tweets, donation and support also Richard Penny and John Luangco from the Auckland Provoke office for your donation!


To catch up on what is happening with JR, JB and Tim head over to their site to donate and support my efforts and support them please donate here Thanks and until next time!



Dry June is over and I survived it