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No Beer of cocktails

Update on my June fundraising drive for kilikiwis

11 days and counting! We are now well into June and my plan to try and help to raise some money for JR, JB and Tim as they head towards their November “hill” climb. If you are interested on what they are up to check out their blog posts they are producing some great reading.

Let’s recap on what I’m trying to do! First up no drinking of the alcohol…… Second how many steps can I get in? Third how many flights of stairs can I climb? To provide a little perspective on what a flight of stairs equates to around the world check out the following.

How are my stats looking? So far as at Saturday the 11th of June I have stepped 109,803 steps (room for improvement here I need to step up the daily step count, I’m only averaging 9,982 steps a day) or as per the above list I’ve just about walked up and down Mount Everest in “steps” but nowhere near in flights. On the flights of stair count I’ve done 268 flights (or about 24 flights a day) or 3 ½ times up the Seattle Space needle or one trip up the CN Tower in Toronto (WPC 2016 is in Toronto).

or one of these

From a non-drinking stand point I’m 11 days in and no liquor even after a full day out at a couple of lovely Woodinville winery’s last weekend (Chateau Ste. Michelle & Novelty Hill). Now onto the money side of things the total raised at the moment is not huge and is limited to me and Mr James Porretta thanks Jimbo for putting it in writing! The running total is around $50 so far, I’d love to get north of $500 and close to $1000 If you have suggested you want to back me please let me know your numbers and I can add you to my running total, money motivates lads and ladies! I’m super happy to back date your running total or if you want to do a fixed donation let me know!

Remember it is for the kids, go here to donate if ya feeling like it! Also I’ll be keeping a running total so if you opt in I can let you know how its shaping up over the month!

Thanks for the support and kind words so far and also thanks Trudy, Cj, the Seattle office (the daily offers of a beer), Jeremy, Brett & Tim for your “support” around keeping off the bottle.