The 12 days of Yammer – Day 8 well really its day 61

  Crazy busy sums up the lack of posts on our Yammer progress but hey that’s life. Anyway let’s try and finish up the 12 days all be it a bit delayed. Yammer is still going great at Provoke, over the coming weeks I’ll blog about some stats. One item I’d like to discuss is […]

The 12 days of Yammer – Day 7

Day 7 was Sunday so it was a day of rest, well kind of rest as I was thinking about content for this blog post and playing a little bit of TitanFall. I decided that I’d make this blog post about extending Yammer into other applications. Background | the why? Yammer engagement over the week […]

The 12 days of Yammer – Day 6

Day 6 was a Saturday in little old New Zealand and as such I had a lovely relaxing morning before heading down to the Microsoft Offices to be part of a community event call the MVP Comp Camp as a speaker. I always enjoy getting out and speaking to folk about my experiences, well to […]

The 12 Days of Yammer – Day 4

Today rather than talking about the day in retrospect I’ve decided to start the day with a Yammer plan of attack and set myself 10 small Yammer goals. My goals are not going to be big time consuming goals but rather quick win activities that I can decide to do again and again in the […]

12 days of Yammer – Day 3

I recently interviewed a project manager for a role at Provoke and he talked a lot about his north star. What he was saying was that by defining his north star he was able to set a goal and then communicate this goal to other folk. It’s a simple concept really I guess, say you […]

The 12 days of Yammer – Day 1

Busy times, we are now 3 months into 2014 and I’m thinking dam time has flown by! We (the Provoke Zoo) have just got back from our company conference, my presentation at #pkscon14 was titled “It’s time to start the conversation” the reality is that we really re are “restarting the conversation”. Provoke as a […]

Interesting – SharePoint Online Preview “Switch”

Over the last couple of days I was surfing the admin section of Office 365 & SharePoint Online. During this enjoyable ½ hour I spotted a new switch in the settings section of SharePoint Online that I’d not seen before. It would seem that you can now opt into getting Preview Features in SharePoint online […]