No Beer of cocktails

Update on my June fundraising drive for kilikiwis

11 days and counting! We are now well into June and my plan to try and help to raise some money for JR, JB and Tim as they head towards their November “hill” climb. If you are interested on what they are up to check out their blog posts they are producing some great reading.

Let’s recap on what I’m trying to do! First up no drinking of the alcohol…… Second how many steps can I get in? Third how many flights of stairs can I climb? To provide a little perspective on what a flight of stairs equates to around the world check out the following.

How are my stats looking? So far as at Saturday the 11th of June I have stepped 109,803 steps (room for improvement here I need to step up the daily step count, I’m only averaging 9,982 steps a day) or as per the above list I’ve just about walked up and down Mount Everest in “steps” but nowhere near in flights. On the flights of stair count I’ve done 268 flights (or about 24 flights a day) or 3 ½ times up the Seattle Space needle or one trip up the CN Tower in Toronto (WPC 2016 is in Toronto).

or one of these

From a non-drinking stand point I’m 11 days in and no liquor even after a full day out at a couple of lovely Woodinville winery’s last weekend (Chateau Ste. Michelle & Novelty Hill). Now onto the money side of things the total raised at the moment is not huge and is limited to me and Mr James Porretta thanks Jimbo for putting it in writing! The running total is around $50 so far, I’d love to get north of $500 and close to $1000 If you have suggested you want to back me please let me know your numbers and I can add you to my running total, money motivates lads and ladies! I’m super happy to back date your running total or if you want to do a fixed donation let me know!

Remember it is for the kids, go here to donate if ya feeling like it! Also I’ll be keeping a running total so if you opt in I can let you know how its shaping up over the month!

Thanks for the support and kind words so far and also thanks Trudy, Cj, the Seattle office (the daily offers of a beer), Jeremy, Brett & Tim for your “support” around keeping off the bottle.

Willpower, Technology and Fundraising


I have been thinking about how I can support some friends who are doing some fundraising for a project they are working on.  In short JB, JR and Tim are planning on climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to support World Child Cancer and their work efforts in Africa.

Find their Facebook page here and website here

Anyone that knows me, will know a few things about me, such as my appreciation for a couple of ales every now and again and my love of a challenge!  So I’ve come up with a plan.

First up I’m looking at not drinking any alcohol for the month of June! Plus, stepping up my steps and to pretend I understand anything about climbing a mountain, I’m going to do some stair climbing!

Here’s where you, my family and friends come into my grand plan.  My ask is pretty simple, support me, to support JB, JR and Tim.  If you are keen, then you could support me by picking one (or all of the following), then at the end of June you donate directly to the Kili Kiwis Donation page here.

You could

  1. Challenge me to not drink, e.g. for every day I don’t drink you pledge $1 30 days in June = $30, if I only make it halfway you would only be up for $15
  2. Challenge me to step up the steps, e.g. 10 cents per 1000 steps. 10,000 in one day = $1
  3. Challenge me to climb 100 flights of stairs for $10. If I did 500 flights of stairs you would be up for $50
  4. Do the combo:
    50c per day to not drink
    5c per 1000 steps
    $1 per 100 flights of stairs

My plan is to blog results once a week so you will know the damage.  Also as soon as I have a beer\wine\gin\vodka etc., the not drinking pledge fees end so I’ll need to stay strong and do it for the kids!

Anyway if you are keen to get in on the action and motivate me to work a bit harder and to take an extra step or climb another stair you can PM on Facebook, add a comment or email me and that way I’ll include a running total of money raised in my blog post. For those of you who are friends with me on Fitbit you will be able to see my progress (walking and stair climbing) via Fitbit screen grabs.

I’m going to pledge myself to the following, $1 a day to not drink, 5c per 1000 steps and $1 per 100 flights of stairs.

Setting up your WordPress site in Azure

The biggest part of the delay on getting my blog back up and going really related to me procrastinating about setting it up in Azure again. Last time I setup my WordPress blog on Azure I was using MySQL via the ClearDB service. It worked ok but it all got to hard when I had to restore my blog when I accidently deleted it L.

Getting back into the office this year I committed to myself to getting my blog back up and going again, I was at the point where I was just going to go back to hosting it with and move off Azure. But with the aim of continuing to learn about Azure (using it, managing it etc) I decided to make one last effort to get WordPress going on Azure. First things first I’m a believer in asking people that have done it before, so I asked JB ( and he point me at and OMG it was so simple to get up and going with Project Nami. Last year when I looked at this I could have deployed from but it would have taken a little bit of work (I was thinking that’s what I would have had to do today). The new approach using Azure Resource Manager via the deploy to Azure button is crazy simple! Click click click and you are done!

Post deployment I have done a couple of other things also, to avoid the issues of the past I’ve configured to automatically backup my Azure Website and SQL DB, I’ve also added SSL ( had a RapidSSL cert for $9.99 USD a year!).


In summary if you want to run WordPress on Azure this tool is a MUST to check out! Thanks to the team at Project Nami for providing a great tool! You can find them on Twitter at



I'm back

Welcome back me

So its been about a year since the O bugger moment……. I’ve been meaning to sort out my blog and start blogging again but stuff happened and i did not.  So I’m back and I’ll be making an effort to get cloud related content up and going here again!!!